The Team



Co Founders and CEOs since 2013

These two dream up each annual conference and then put it into motion. They have big hearts, a desire to please and share as well as a love for community and education.


Champaign Illinois Senior Photographer

Suzy DeVries

Lead Graphics Designer

Suzy is the creative hand behind our brand and website as well as various promotional content.  She is also a gifted senior photographer with years of corporate world marketing experience!


Holly Birch Photography


Web Blogger

Holly is the voice behind the conference blog posts. She is known in central Illinois as the "guru of blogging". It seemed fitting that Reset bring her on board to work her skills among our team and for our conference.


Jessica Hollis Photography


Hospitality Coordinator

Jessica has been the smiling face behind registration since the launch of Reset in 2013. She works as a jack of all trades during conference time helping to serve attendees and annual presenters alike in various capacities. If you have questions during the conference, she is there to help assist you!


Ebby L Photography


Social Media Marketing Manager

Ebby is the reason Reset stays fresh in everyone's minds. She skillfully manages all social media accounts for the conference including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! She is also a very talented photographer in Central IL!


Ahsley Richardson Photo


Conference Photographer

Ashley is the face behind the camera for Reset this season! You will catch glimpses of her in various breakout sessions trying to document the amazing time you are having at our conference. When she isn't shooting your pretty faces, Ashley owns and operates a beautiful portrait studio in central Illinois!



Administrative Assistant

Jenn is new to Reset this year and we are so excited to have her on board. She is in charge of email marketing and various promotional content. Jenn has prior experience as an event producer for an elite wedding venue in central Illinois and her organizational skills are top notch!